The View April 29, 2017 15:24 1 Comment

We've been enjoying the view from our second story studio!

The south windows provide a venue to a lovely tree that is in full blossom and a new gas station we watched develop from the ground up.  We were impressed by the skills of the folks managing the heavy equipment as they prepared the grounds for those large tanks to be installed.  New pavement and lovely landscaping have finished the project.  

The windows to the east allow us to witness the growth of a new business in power sports. The young owners repair and restore boats, motorbikes, golf carts, etc.  A new resolution has allowed street approved golf carts to be used in our neighborhood, so we get to see their displays of customized carts, daily.

To our west, an auto repair shop has opened, and the owner has, already, mentioned his need to expand to accommodate his customers.  

The view from the northern windows are of roofs and treetops of neighboring businesses. These windows, also, provide our version of weather watching, as it's the season for thunderstorms.

All these views are wonderful, yet we are drawn to the sight of all that fabric we are able to manage in our expanded workspace!  We're working with new vendors to add to our current offerings, and we're looking forward to sharing those, soon!

Of course, there's a bit of quilting going on, during all this.  There are too many UFO's (UnFinished Objects) on the agenda, too!  A friend asked me to make a quilt using some hexie blocks that are very old and hand sewn.  They would make a very pretty "Grandmother's Garden" quilt, however, none of the blocks are the same size, and many of the stitches are uneven with varying sizes of seams!  The solution has been to press and starch each block, then adhere them to a standard sized block with Steam-A-Seam to prepare them for the "quilt as you go" method.  Three other gift quilts have been started, a wall hanging gifted, charity quilts completed, and a massive undertaking of a gift quilt is nearly finished!  I am having fun with each project!  

And, then, my eyes wander to that new pattern, that new block, that new fabric, that interesting new method of thread painting, free motion quilting....!

I guess it's time to FOCUS on the tasks at hand, so it's time to sign off and get that spool on the sewing machine a'spinnin'!

Until next time,

We hope you're enjoying YOUR view, and
Happy Quilting!