New Digs! September 23, 2016 10:30 2 Comments

It's been SIX months since the last blog post!  Oh boy, time is speeding by, and we've been busy! 

The best big news is - we're moving!  Our inventory and cutting tables have outgrown our current space, so we're moving to the top floor of this lovely building.  Built in 1927, the converted fire station has loads of open space for our operations.

We'll be moving the first week of October - and the first purchase is a new coffee machine (with a bowl for Tootsie Rolls).  

Everything about our business will remain the same - our commitment to excellent customer service along with a large and lovely variety of cuts and prints!

The quilting table has been busy, too!  A gift quilt is currently under the needle, and the Juki 2010Q is purring along those marked lines, beautifully.  Three more gift quilts are waiting their turn, and with all the new space, they just might be sewn simultaneously.  
The quilt rack will be up and running, also.  It hasn't been extended for large quilts, due to limited space, so it will be busy at the new location!

A short blog, this time.  It's time to get back to....packing, cutting, quilting......!


Until next time,

Happy Quilting!