Ch ch ch ch changes.... March 17, 2016 16:00

For those of you that may be of a certain age, the title of this blog brings to mind a David Bowie song.  It's been running through my mind, lately, as there are a lot of changes that have taken place in our home and our business, and time seems to be speeding up!

The fact that the last blog was posted back in December, for instance, is a reminder of just how fast time goes!  It's nearly Spring, and we've seen some beautiful changes in our weather, and it is teasing us with the first sprouts of crocus and with robins visiting the trees around the house.  The warmer weather also means I get to move back out to the sun porch and reduce the amount of strings that seem to follow me from the dining room to every other room in the house! 

There's been an exciting change, recently.  We purchased a new machine, a Juki 2010Q, and it's been a learning experience.  This machine is a blend of new technology and some old techniques that I haven't used for a long time.  I'm talking bobbin and upper thread tension.  I can't remember the last time I adjusted bobbin tension!  The automatic thread cutter makes me giggle every time I use it, and, for the first time, I'm using a 1/4" foot!  Yeah, baby!  Love this foot!  It makes piecing a breeze as the fabric can't slide, and each seam is exactly 1/4".

Our cutting tables create a lot of scraps, and we try to leave at least a 1" strip from each yard of fabric we cut.  Some of these strips have been sold to a soap maker that ties her creations with these colorful pieces.  Some have been donated to animal shelters to create beds.  And there are, still, bags full of these strips!  Now, we quilters can't bear to throw away fabric, so we needed to come up with an idea.  Well, why not sew those strips together and make blocks?  Voila!  The Juki can sew up to 1500 stitches a minute, and with the 1/4" foot, it's been a breeze to create a bunch of beautiful blocks!  We'll be donating and gifting the quilts made from these fun blocks.

Another change is the possibility of changing our address.  Yes, we're considering a relocation.  I had the opportunity to attend a conference in another state and fell in love with the area.  Such a major change requires a lot of thought and planning, and we haven't made up our minds, yet.  The plus and minus columns are about equal, right now.  Obviously, as an on-line business, we can continue to offer these lovely fabrics from any location.  It's the changes in our personal lives that require some serious consideration.  

Whatever the season brings, whatever the changes we endure and decide, we will continue to do our best to be our best, and to offer our best - that will never change!

Until next time,
Happy Quilting!