To Be (Seen), Or Not To Be (Seen) August 19, 2015 12:42


Choosing a thread color for quilting is always fun for us!
Here are two examples of choosing thread color for quilting that is
to be seen, or not to be seen.

The appliqued flowers on the left, are the focus of this wall hanging.  We chose a
thread that will blend with the beautiful background fabric.  The picture was taken
outside and the sunlight makes the thread look darker, however, it blends nicely,
and with binding of the same background fabric, the finished project has a clean
and sophisticated look, with the flowers taking center stage of the piece.

The appliqued heart, on the left, is on a very small project.  In order to give it the
attention it deserves, and to continue the heart motif in the fabric, the contrasting
thread works well, here.

On larger projects and quilts, changing threads while quilting is always an option.
It's simply a matter of deciding what we want our eyes drawn to.  Let your
imagination run and have fun!

So many little to the sewing room!

Until next time,
Happy Quilting!