"Boo Boo Dots", Deadlines and Perfectionism June 17, 2015 20:08

Deadlines are the only way I can get anything done, however, I missed one, last week.

I was making a quilt as a surprise gift, and everything that can go wrong, well....it went wrong!  My walking foot didn't want to walk, my mitered corners didn't want to miter, the batting was bunching, the binding wouldn't bind straight...augh!  My wise husband did a lot of outside work while this project was underway! 

After a lot of coffee and chocolate, little sleep, changing needles, cleaning the machine, re-threading and slowing down to rip out those stitches that I didn't like - it was done. Until I saw the corners.  I didn't like them.  They weren't.....PERFECT!

Have you ever finished a quilt and realized there were a lot of "less than perfect" stitches and piece work?  Have you ever put a project aside because it just wasn't "going together right"?  Have you ever decided that "that block is just too hard!"?  

It's amazing how hard we can be on ourselves!  When we see someone else's quilt, we're often, so enamored with the beauty of the quilt, we don't even notice a seam or two that don't match....or that the stitches may not all be the same length.  Instead, we admire the "whole picture".  

When we give someone a quilt we've made, they're not looking for errors, either.  

Last week's quilt wasn't finished on time, and it wasn't perfect.  In fact, I had to do something about those mitered corners before letting go of the quilt.  That's where the "Boo Boo Dots" came in.  Never heard of those, before?  Probably, not.  My husband came up with that after he saw me using red heart appliques for those "less than perfect" mitered corners.  

And then, it hit me.  She'll never know that those lovely little hearts are covering "boo boos".  In fact, those little hearts give the quilt just the right touch to express the love that went into the quilt, and the loving, giving heart of the lady the quilt was made for!

A wise quilter once said, "a quilt can be perfect, or it can be done!"

So, with another deadline looming, this imperfect quilter is going to give herself a lot more time to complete the next project.  And, maybe I won't be so hard on myself if my stitches aren't perfect.

But, just in case, I'm going to keep some "Boo Boo Dots" handy!

Until next time,
Happy Quilting!