Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! June 4, 2015 12:46

Every quilter/sewer/crafter has that moment of decision  -  which color do I go with, here? 
For some of us, that can bring a project to a screeching halt....while, for others of us, too many options can overwhelm!  

Some of us rely on a quilt magazine or quilt shop's suggestion in their patterns, displays and kits.  Some of us choose our "go-to" colors that we're familiar with, or just love to have around us.  And, then, there are those that will paint "way out of the box"!

In every pattern design, the easiest way to decide color is to, first, imagine the finished project in dark, medium and light values.  We learned that this method is used by some designers to create patterns, and that color choice is secondary to the pattern!  Who would've thunk!

When we create our fabric bundles, we like to imagine how they would look in a variety of patterns.  We, also, include blender options to "tie" a project together.
Our goal is to offer as great a variety as possible, to allow YOU to choose what works best for you!

Speaking of decisions, we, recently, attended a Regional Fabric Show, and had a lot of fun meeting with reps from several manufacturers.  There are so many beautiful fabrics, notions and project ideas - our heads are spinning!  New inventory has been ordered, and we're so excited to be adding another line of fabrics!  Stay tuned for these gorgeous selections!

Summer is upon us, we're all busy with graduations, weddings, travel plans and, with decisions regarding gifts, food/recipes, who's driving, and what airline to use, the last thing we need is a project delayed by indecision regarding our colors!  So, take a step back, take a deep breath, and allow your own creativity to shine -knowing that, whatever colors you choose, the joy of any project is the opportunity to add beauty to our world!

Until next time, Happy Quilting!