Getting Organized May 27, 2015 11:58

Spring cleaning, at our house, means I have to move my quilting to the sun porch.

It, also, means that all those spools, bobbins, pins, needles, scissors, patterns, etc. have to go with me.  Yes, I have a cabinet to store my stash and tools, but when you're working on several projects, all at once, things just seem to scatter, everywhere!

Organization has never been my forte, so this little find at a Dollar Store is wonderful!  It's a desk organizer, with divided chambers - perfect for keeping matched spools and bobbins together....there's a spot for scissors, seam ripper, tweezers.....the lint roller (no quilt table can be without one of these!)....all these little items that I need for the current projects are here!  Woo hoo!  Yes, I know there are several pin cushions - I use a lot of pins! :D  There's another group of tools for the embroidery projects that will need their own, larger box....and, now, I'm ready to move my machine!

The vegetable gardens are planted, annual flowers are in, mulching will begin, soon....the weather is, finally, warming up and the pool needs serious repairs...but, there are these quilt tops staring at me....along with these new patterns that look like so much fun.....

Ah, well....better organize my time, as well as my quilting table and tools.

Until later....Happy Quilting!